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Statistical Testing with jamovi/JASP for Psychology


Praise for this book

This book turns what could be a rather grey topic into an engaging process of discovery. Much of this is down to the tone, which is affable and resolutely avoids any taint of the dry `expertism' sometimes associated with manuals of this kind. In fact, it is a book readily digested in one sitting, something marking it out against other introductions to research methods. This speed of reading is assisted by the lucid prose and the rarity with which the reader needs to re-read any of the sentences to gain their full sense.

The structure, too, works well, in clearly demarcated sections, starting with a simple, effective introduction to data and hypothesis testing. Each statistical test is discussed effectively and economically, with instructions that are easy to follow. Throughout, the text is supported by clear and well-chosen illustrations. Additionally, the book contains practical exercises, with answers provided. This, of course, encourages the reader to practice and test their learning. A very worthwhile introduction, to my mind.
           - Nigel Rayment, Director, Magnified Learning

Statistics are the bane of many psychology students lives and the main reason that they drop out of their courses (often in the first year), so its refreshing when a resource comes along that makes statistics for psychologists straightforward, easy, even  dare we say?  enjoyable.

This latest work is genuinely crystal-clear: it is easy to follow, has no obvious omissions and the contents are ordered and weighted appropriately. Utterly engaging throughout, the book builds nicely from the easy to the harder and the progress is gradual and seamless so even whats harder isnt actually difficult. We found the 'questions and answers especially effective.

Of an ideal length, and technically very sound, we should perhaps not be surprised, as the author has a track record in this area, having previously written on SPSS. We are confident that this will become an indispensable source to students in the psychological sciences. There is no doubt that the market was crying out for this. It will appeal to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, not to mention practitioners like us. This is likely to be drawn on many a time, beginning from a students first steps in psychology right through to becoming a fully Chartered Psychologist and practitioner. Academics might find it useful too.

User-friendly, well planned and executed, this really couldnt be better!
           - Dr George Sik and Alex Pearce
Chartered Psychologists and Associate Fellows of the British Psychological Society
eras Ltd

A selection of reviews of previous statistics books by Cole Davis

Cole Davis presents the clearest explanations for the concepts underlying the most useful statistical tests. He provides great guidance on the steps required to perform the tests, and the justification for these steps. His writing flows yet he does not pass over difficult ideas with jargon, as is often the case with statistics books. Rather he supplies the reader with useful analogies and comparisons in everyday language that aid understanding.
           - Andrew Smart, neuroscientist and author of Autopilot

Cole Davis contributes significantly to the understanding of statistics; the clarity of his writing, his ability to explain statistical nuances shines through.
           - Steven Chan, Professor of Surgery, University of Melbourne

Statistics without Mathematics series - General Editor: Cole Davis

ISBN numbers: Hardback - 978-1-9164779-3-3 Paperback - 978-1-9164779-2-6
                       Ebook - 978-1-9164779-9-5

statistics for psychology - don't panic!