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Statistical Testing with jamovi for Psychology


Part 1 Background knowledge
Chapter 1 introduction
Chapter 2 research design
Chapter 3 descriptive statistics
Chapter 4 null hypothesis significance testing

Part 2 Statistical testing fundamentals
Chapter 5 tests of differences
                 - t tests, one-way ANOVA and equivalents
Chapter 6 tests of relationships
                 - correlations and regression
Chapter 7 categorical analyses
                 - binomial test, chi squared goodness of fit (multinomial test)
                 - chi squared test of association ('Chi squared')
                 - loglinear analysis, McNemar test
Chapter 8   exercises
Chapter 9 reporting research

Part 3 ANOVA extended
Chapter 10 factorial ANOVA and multiple comparisons
Chapter 11 ANCOVA considered
Chapter 12 MANOVA

Part 4 Relationships broad and narrow
Chapter 13 PCA and factor analysis
Chapter 14 logistic regression
                 - binomial (simple), multinomial and ordinal regression
Chapter 15 partial and semi-partial correlations

Part 5 Bayesian statistics introduced
Chapter 16 theory - the minister, the prior and the post
Chapter 17 application - Jeffreys and jamovi

Part 6 Visual exploration
Chapter 18 Survival analysis: the Kaplan-Meier curve
                 - includes Gehan-Breslow, log rank, Peto-Prentice and Tarone-Ware tests
Chapter 19 Cluster analysis
                 - includes hierarchical cluster analysis and k-means clustering

Statistics without Mathematics series - General Editor: Cole Davis

ISBN numbers: Hardback - 978-1-915500-15-1 Paperback - 978-1-915500-16-8
                         Ebook - 978-1-915500-17-5

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