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Published May 2023 - Guide to Advanced Statistical Analysis in R
by statistician April Liu

Published June 2023 - The fast guide to statistical testing with JASP, by Cole Davis

2nd editions - Statistical Testing with R (June, 2022) - and the jamovi specific subject volumes (May 2023)

Questions and answers - Following requests from tutors, additional questions and answers on a chapter-by-chapter basis may be found on the sections of the website devoted to individual books.
Further update - the exercises have been edited to make them more relevant to the specific disciplines.

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Thank you, tutors - Vor Press thanks academics from the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK and Australia for their recent comments:

  • I really like the straightforwardness of the explanations – everything is very clear
  • Teaching this semester was much easier, and more enjoyable, than in the past. ... We were able to follow the textbook and go from descriptive statistics to linear and logistic regression during the semester
  • Has a knack of explaining things in an easy and accessible way
  • It makes statistics ... simple and straightforward – ideal for our more mathematics fearing students!
  • A must-get if you need to learn stats without maths.. a fantastic resource... This book explains some rather complicated methods in a simple way
  • Nicely paced stats intro without heavy mathematics
  • So far, I think pretty much everyone (students/faculty) that I have shown Jamovi to has switched over and started using it, and I essentially work my way through the textbook when teaching. I am currently using your (wonderful) book for my summer class, and will use it again in the fall. I have shared the exercises with my students.
  • Excellent
  • Great book
  • One of the best out there

Thank you, students - And thank you to students, for your comments:

  • One of my favourite books
  • For once, our eyes don't glaze over
  • I really like the online book. In particular, I can toggle the answers, and match different sections of text together

(older) News

New writers - We welcome statistician April Liu.

Recently published: Health, Sport and Education versions of the Jamovi/JASP books. From April 15th 2020.

A draft edition of the psychology book was enthusiastically received at universities in Australia in 2018.