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About Vor Press

Vor Press is an independently owned publisher.

Part of the Norse pantheon, Vor is a goddess of wisdom. Her specialism is awareness.

Based in Norwich, in the East of England, the hq is close to the cathedral and a late 14th century tower. Closer still is the River Wensum and its medieval Bishop Bridge. Closest is Lollards Pit, the site of their burnings as heretics, which is food for thought.

Vor Press is dedicated to knowledge and awareness, with an independent slant.


Direct mailings of paperbacks are available from Vor Press; see the 'Buy' page.

University teachers can contact Vor Press for inspection copies; use the 'Contact' page.

A draft edition of the psychology book was enthusiastically received at universities in Australia in 2018.

Jamovi and JASP have been adopted by universities in

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  • Finland

  • Germany

  • Hungary

  • Italy

  • Netherlands

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