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Statistical Testing with jamovi/JASP for Sociology


Praise for this book

It's not easy to write a text on complicated topics. A balance is needed to provide enough information for readers to have some understanding of the topics without overwhelming them to the point where they abandon ship. In my opinion you have found that balance. Well done.
           - Dr Garson Hunter, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

I wish Id had this book 20 years ago; it would have saved me from many headaches. The engaging style and clarity of expression make the whole business almost a pleasure. The sequence is logical. Best of all, occasional advice guides the reader reassuringly, setting the book apart from others.
           - Nick Warren, Educational researcher

A selection of reviews of previous statistics books by Cole Davis

Cole Davis presents the clearest explanations for the concepts underlying the most useful statistical tests. He provides great guidance on the steps required to perform the tests, and the justification for these steps. His writing flows yet he does not pass over difficult ideas with jargon, as is often the case with statistics books. Rather he supplies the reader with useful analogies and comparisons in everyday language that aid understanding.
           - Andrew Smart, neuroscientist and author of Autopilot

Cole Davis contributes significantly to the understanding of statistics; the clarity of his writing, his ability to explain statistical nuances shines through.
           - Steven Chan, Professor of Surgery, University of Melbourne

Statistics without Mathematics series - General Editor: Cole Davis

ISBN numbers: Hardback - 978-1-9164779-1-9 Paperback - 978-1-9164779-0-2
                          Ebook (EBSCO library edition) - 978-1-9164779-8-8

statistics for sociology - don't panic!