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The fast guide to statistical Testing with JASP


(background knowledge)
Chapter 1 introduction
Chapter 2 research design
Chapter 3 descriptive statistics
Chapter 4 null hypothesis significance testing
Chapter 5 Bayesian statistics (optional)

(statistical testing fundamentals)
Chapter 6 tests of differences
                 - t tests, one-way ANOVA and equivalents
Chapter 7 tests of relationships
                 - correlations and regression
Chapter 8 categorical analyses
                 - binomial test, multinomial test (chi squared goodness of fit)
                 - chi squared test of association ('Chi squared'), loglinear analysis

(additional materials)
Chapter 9   exercises
Chapter 10 reporting research
Chapter 11 factorial ANOVA and multiple comparisons
Chapter 12 A taste of further statistical methods

Statistics without Mathematics series - General Editor: Cole Davis

ISBN numbers: Hardback - 978-1-915500-24-3 Paperback - 978-1-915500-25-0
                         Ebook - 978-1-915500-26-7

statistics for social sciences - don't panic!