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Statistical Testing with jamovi/JASP for Health


Praise for this book

I think this is an excellent text with application for all health and social care professionals. It would be an essential text for undergraduates and postgraduates on applied research programmes. As well as demystifying statistics and analysis it clearly describes the context of research, requirements for meaningful application and research design.

The informal (and humorous) approach to the narrative is a key feature and should reassure any novice researchers. The introductory text is very well considered and emphasises the uses of the book and which sections are necessary in different circumstances.

You and your colleagues have done a great job in guiding the reader through the wide range of applications and the examples chosen are very apt and thoughtful. Overall, I was very impressed.
           - Dr Jerry Warr
           formerly Senior Lecturer in Research, and Reader in Practice Development
           School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University

The book's focus on purpose and the meaning behind statistical tests rather than formulae and calculations is refreshing and meaningful. Explanations are concise without being superficial. The text guides the reader through the analysis, step by step, while explaining the meaning behind the numbers. Real world statistics without the anxiety!
           - Dr David Harrison
           Research Fellow, University College London Medical School

The book is very well written, comprehensive, explaining the world of statistics with clear, straightforward explanations, and very useful and practical screenshots. Start the book as a beginner and finish it with some advanced statistical skills. I'm an experienced statistician but I still use Cole’s books from time to time.
           - Ofra Reuven
           statistician, statistics lecturer and data analyst

A selection of reviews of previous statistics books by Cole Davis

Cole Davis presents the clearest explanations for the concepts underlying the most useful statistical tests. He provides great guidance on the steps required to perform the tests, and the justification for these steps. His writing flows yet he does not pass over difficult ideas with jargon, as is often the case with statistics books. Rather he supplies the reader with useful analogies and comparisons in everyday language that aid understanding.
           - Andrew Smart, neuroscientist and author of Autopilot

Cole Davis contributes significantly to the understanding of statistics; the clarity of his writing, his ability to explain statistical nuances shines through.
           - Steven Chan, Professor of Surgery, University of Melbourne

Statistics without Mathematics series - General Editor: Cole Davis

ISBN numbers: Hardback - 978-1-9160636-6-2 Paperback - 978-1-9160636-5-5
                       Ebook - 978-1-9160636-7-9

statistics for health - don't panic!