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Statistical Testing with jamovi/JASP for Education


Praise for this book

As a philosopher dealing with statistics, I was always looking for the meaning behind statistical tests what are these numbers telling me about the world. With this text, the focus on purpose and meaning rather than formulae and calculations is refreshing and meaningful. Explanations are concise without being superficial. The text guides the reader through the analysis, step-by-step while explaining the meaning behind the numbers. Real world statistics without the anxiety!

           - Dr David Harrison
          formerly Research Associate at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education
          and Researcher at Learning Skills Network

Statistical research is often dry and books about how to conduct statistical research can be somewhat drier still. Cole Davis has managed to rupture that condition having produced a well-structured and engaging text that guides both the novice and experienced researcher through all the constituents of the research process.

What is striking about this book is the discursive and supportive tone that immediately persuades the reader that statistical understanding and application can be accomplished or enhanced irrespective of the reader's starting point. Until the publication of this book there remained a large hole in the accessible literature for educational research but that is no longer the case because this book successfully engages with how to design for research and take it forward to yield meaningful conclusions.

This book triumphs and is highly recommended to students and researchers of education studies.

           - Dr Nick Jones
          Lecturer, Bournemouth and Poole College

Presented in plain English, avoiding technical terms as far as possible, this book does an excellent job of presenting some complicated concepts in a clear manner. The screenshot images and clear instructions are extremely useful, providing a quick and easy introduction to the analysis of data. A highly practical guide.

           - Sanjay Dubey
          Teacher and teacher trainer, British Council

A selection of reviews of previous statistics books by Cole Davis

I wish Id had this book 20 years ago; it would have saved me from many headaches. The engaging style and clarity of expression make the whole business almost a pleasure. The sequence is logical. Best of all, occasional advice guides the reader reassuringly, setting the book apart from others.
           - Nick Warren
          Educational researcher

This book turns what could be a rather grey topic into an engaging process of discovery. Much of this is down to the tone, which is affable and resolutely avoids any taint of the dry `expertism' sometimes associated with manuals of this kind. In fact, it is a book readily digested in one sitting, something marking it out against other introductions to research methods. This speed of reading is assisted by the lucid prose and the rarity with which the reader needs to re-read any of the sentences to gain their full sense.

The structure, too, works well, in clearly demarcated sections, starting with a simple, effective introduction to data and hypothesis testing. Each statistical test is discussed effectively and economically, with instructions that are easy to follow. Throughout, the text is supported by clear and well-chosen illustrations. Additionally, the book contains practical exercises, with answers provided. This, of course, encourages the reader to practice and test their learning. A very worthwhile introduction, to my mind.
           - Nigel Rayment
          Director, Magnified Learning

Statistics without Mathematics series - General Editor: Cole Davis

ISBN numbers: Hardback - 978-1-9160636-3-1 Paperback - 978-1-9160636-2-4
                       Ebook - 978-1-9160636-4-8

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